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    DIA. (Friday, 21 March 2014 14:44)

    Dear Tony, I do really love this picture!
    It shows a moment when I'm feeling absolutely connected with my music and with what I'm doing...
    Thank you so much! During the last year I was building a totally new concept of my work as a solo artist. Before that I was nearly down on my knees. I started new. All by myself. Behind and on stage. Just had some friends, believing in me when I wasn't able to do.

    I was growing so much. Now I'm ready and back to life!

    You where fixing a little milestone...

    Thanks for this special kind of support!

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    tjgardner-photo (Friday, 21 March 2014 16:06)

    Dear Dia.,
    thanks for your comment. I am happy that our paths crossed and that I was able to capture that very special and magic moment.

    I think the best for now is to send you some additional feathers for your wings and some friendly wind to lift you up, so you can reach some heights yet unknown. And YES: Fish are able to fly! So fly on !
    Take care...

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    DIA. (Saturday, 05 April 2014 16:58)

    Thank you so much, Tony !

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