Meena & The Chris Fillmore Band

Meena Cryle (vocals, guitar) and Chris Fillmore (guitar) come from Vienna, Austria. They already have been working together for quite a while. Now they are touring with their own band completed by Marlene Lachtersdorfer (bass) and Frank Cortez (drums). I had the opportunity to see them at a the historical location of Burg Satzvey, a castle  dating from the 14th century. For me it was one of the best concerts I have experienced this year. Blues at its best by one of the best European blues bands. Enjoy my impressions....

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    Marlis (Monday, 24 September 2012 23:12)

    Hat doch wunderbar geklappt mit dem Licht .

    Sehr sehr schöne Fotos :-)
    Danke Tony <3

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